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[Fall 2014]Submission of Documents Relevant to Graduation
Submission of Documents Relevant to Graduation (Fall 2014)

Those who are planning to graduate in Fall 2014 should submit the required documents as detailed below:
A. Submission Deadline: Friday, November 28, 2014
B. Required Documents  
For whom
Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation Examining Committee
Students planning to submit their thesis/dissertation in Fall 2014.
Request for Course Completion
*Students who meet the requirements for the course completion and want to leave the school permanently without a degree in Feb. 2015.
*Students who are selected for the technical research personnel.
Research Proposal
Students in doctoral or master's-doctoral programs are planning to submit their dissertation in Fall 2015

C. Important Dates for Thesis/Dissertation Submission  

Things to do
Nov. 10(Mon) 09:00
~21(Fri) 18:00
Input of 'Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation Examining Committee' 
Students themselves should input committee information on the portal system
(Input Period: Nov. 10~ Nov. 21)
☞ How to:
Portal Log in ERP GraduationThesis submissionInput information Print out the form Get the advisor's and school head’s signature Submit it to the school office by Nov. 28(Fri), 2014
☞ Student should submit the thesis/dissertation to the committee members 15 days before the defense. (The result of plagiarism checking should be submitted together with the thesis/dissertation)  
Students who have not passed the foreign language test are not allowed to submit it.
~Nov. 28(Fri)
Submission of Required Documents:
* Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation Examining Committee
* Request for Course Completion
How to:
Discuss with the advisorFill in the form (attached)Get the advisor's signatureSubmit it to the school office by Nov. 28(Fri), 2014
* Research Proposal
How to:
Submit the attached form to the school office by Nov. 28(Fri), 2014
~Dec. 19(Fri)
Thesis/Dissertation Defense
~Jan. 6(Tue)
'Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation Approval' Submission 

Contact: Youn-young Hwang(ext. 3605) agatha0206@unist.ac.kr
               Graduate Studies Team (ext. 1302)