2018-04-12 / Admin / 812
Postdoctoral Position Available

[Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research San Diego Branch]

*Distinguished Professor Richard Kolodner

There is a vacant postdoctoral position in Prof. Kolodner's laboratory.

1) Research Field:

The research team has projects available in the areas of biochemistry of S. cerevisiae mismatch repair, genetic and mechanistic analysis of the S. cerevisiae pathways that prevent genome rearragements and a new project studying therapeutic targeting of genome instability in mammalian cells based on our work in S.cerevisiae.

2) Qualification:

We are looking for individuals who have an intellectual interest in DNA repair and genome instability, demonstrated research accomplishments and writing skills.

3) Training:

We anticipate providing extensive training to anyone who joins the lab, ideally the candidate should have skills in some of the following areas: S.cerevisiae genetics; protein purification and biochemistry; growth of mammalian cells; and CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering.

If anyone who is interested in this post-doc position, please don't hesitate to contact me at heejeongryu@unist.ac.kr


Thank you.