Translational microfluidics from diagnosis to 3D cell culture
  • Seok Sid Chung Ph.D
  • SLS Colloquia / 2017.12.07.(Thu) 04:00 pm / Room N104, Bldg 110
The presentation includes recent progress on microfluidic technologies on precision medicine applications. A simple microfluidic assay for three-dimensional (3D) and heterotypic cell culture has been developed by incorporating hydrogel between micro channels. The novel 3D assay constructs well-defined biochemical and biophysical stimuli to be applied to multiple cell types interacting each other, thereby replicating many aspects of the in vivo cancer growth and metastasis. Capabilities exist for time-dependent manipulation of microflows and chemical gradients as well as high-resolution real-time imaging for observing spatial-temporal single cell behavior, cell-cell interactions and communications and cell-matrix interactions. The assay can be used to study complex and heterogeneous conditions of cancer progress, including survival, proliferation and collective migration under precisely controlled cancer microenvironments. Applications include the study of previously unexplored aspect of cancer metastasis, and have already provided new insights into how microenvironmental factors represent characteristics of a specific cancer. Another diagnostic platform enables precise quantitative detection on hormones in blood, contributing easy and affordable patient monitoring after treatment.