Development of therapeutic genome editing
  • Seokjoong Kim Ph.D
  • SLS Colloquia / Sep 19th 4pm / bldg.110 room N104

Innovative genome engineering technology utilizing programmable nucleases enabled a fast and efficient editing of genetic information in various cells and organisms. CRISPR nucleases, recently developed from a prokaryotic adaptive immune system, in particular, provide a robust programmable nuclease platform with high reliability and specificity. Genome editing can be applied in diverse fields of bio-industries.

In biomedical fields, CRISPR nucleases are expected to enable therapeutic genome editing for many rare hereditary diseases. It can also be used to establish and improve the efficacy and safety of cell therapies for various diseases.

In this talk, our recent studies to improve CRISPR nuclease to be more suitable for therapeutic applications will be discussed. Additionally, our approaches to translate the potential of genome editing in cell and gene therapy will be introduced.