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Infrared Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Novel Meterials for Solar Energy Capture
Doh Chang Lee, Ph.D (KAIST)
Nov 17th 04:15 PM
Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers Inside Emulsions?
Gi-Ra Yi, Ph.D (Chungbuk National University)
Nov 10th 05:10 PM
Microliter-Scale Solution Processing for Controlled, Rapid Fabrication of Chemically Derived Graphene Thin Films and Their Micropatterns
Suk Tai Chang, Ph.D (Chung-Ang University)
Nov 03rd 04:15 PM
A New Physiological Role of Membrane Phospholipids: Regulation of Voltage-Gated lon Channels in Neurons
Byung-Chang Suh, Ph.D (DGIST)
Oct 20th 04:15 PM
Single-molecule Studies on DNA Mismatch Repair
Jong-Bong Lee , Ph.D (POSTECH)
Oct 13th 04:15 pm
New methods, new information, and new insight: cases of single-molecule biophysical experiments
Seok-Cheol Hong, Ph.D (Korea University)
Oct 06th 04:15 pm
Biomimetic approaches for controlled cell migration and organ chips
Kahp-Yang Suh, Ph.D (Seoul National University)
Sep 22th 04:15 pm
Toward the Cell Factory : Carbohydrate Biorefinery of Thermus caldophilus GK24
Dae-Sil Lee, Ph.D (University of Ulsan)
Sep 15th 04:15 pm
Genome-wide profile reveals an important role for H2B mono-ubiquitylation and hDot1L in transcription elongation of human cells
Daeyoup Lee, Ph.D (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Sep 8th 04:15 pm
Nanoplasmonic Spectroscopic Imaging and Molecular Probes
Yeonho Choi, Ph.D (Korea University)
Jun 9th 04:15 pm
Diverse Role of Lipocalin 2 in Brain Inflammation
Kyoungho Suk, Ph.D (Kyungpook National University)
Jun 2nd 04:15 pm
Applications of Single-molecule and Imaging Techniques for Biological Systems
Nam Ki Lee , Ph.D (Pohang University of Science & Technology)
May 26th 04:15 pm
New Trends in Surface Science for Energy Technology
Jeong Young Park , Ph.D (KAIST)
May 19th 04:15 pm
Semiconductor Nanomaterials and Graphene Hybrid Nanoarchitectures for Electronic and Photonic Applications
Won Il Park, Ph.D (Hanyang University)
Apr 28th 04:15 pm
Synthesis and Applications of Porous Metal Carboxylates with Coordinatively Unsaturated Sites
Jong-San Chang, Ph.D (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
Apr 21th 04:15 pm
Fabrication of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging and Nanoreactor Applications
In Su Lee, Ph.D (Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyung Hee University)
Apr 14th 04:15 pm
MRI Contrast Agents and Their Applications on Molecular/Cellular Imaging
HONG, Kwan Soo, Ph.D (Korea Basic Science Institute)
Mar 31th 04:15 pm
Plasmonic Biosensor and System
Hyeon-Bong Pyo, Ph.D (ETRI)
Mar 24th 04:15pm
High Performance Flexible Inorganic Electronics for Biomedical Applications
Keon Jae Lee, Ph.D (KAIST)
Mar 17th 16:15
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