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Student Exchange Program with UST for Spring 2015

2015 Spring Student Exchange Program

The application for the 2015 Spring Semester student exchange program at University of Science and Technology (UST) is now open. If you are interested in studying at UST, do not miss out on this opportunity. 

o  General Information


Host Univ.






Univ. of Science and Technology (UST)

Daejeon, Korea


·Natural Science

· IT

· BT

· NT

· ET

· ST

Mar. 2015~
Aug. 2015
(one semester)

- A graduate student who has completed
at least one semester

- Minimum 3.0 GPA 

For more details on programs of study offered at UST, please click each name of the fields.


o  Required Documents

-          Application Form (provided)

-          Request for Credit Approval in Credit Exchange (provided)

-          English Certificate of Enrollment

-          English Transcripts


o  Application Schedule

-          Student: Apply to the department that he/she is currently attending with required documents by February 25, 2015

School Office: Send the submitted required documents to the Graduate Studies Team by February 25, 2015




o  Course Offerings @UST

-          http://www.ust.ac.kr/college/another-university-study.do






o  Note

-          Exchange students will be exempt from paying a host institution any tuition fees. Instead, they should pay tuition fees to UNIST.

-          At least 3 credits per semester should be registered in a host institution.

-          Credits earned from the host institution should be over 3 credits per semester, which will be toward the students’ degrees, but not included in their cumulative GPA.

-          For further information, please contact the Graduate Studies Team at sjchoi@unist.ac.kr or ext. 3102.