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Course Advising System

Course Advising System

As noticed before, the course advising system is planning to be admistered since January 31th.

But due to the Lunar Holidays, we extend the period for providing students of as much time as possible before course registration starts.

Please refer to the changed period below :

■ Date : January 25(Tue) ~ February 13(Sun)

■ For whom : students who are involved in major schools

■ How to : Getting online/offine  advise from the advisor to choose appropriate
major courses for taking interdisciplinary major

After getting the advice, please check the advising information on your portal site.

The manual is attached so please refer to it .

Don't forget to contact your advisor and check the information to be eligible for course registration 2011 Spring semester.

If you have any question, please contact the Educational Affairs Team or administrative office.

Thank you.