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UEGRF (UNIST Elite Graduate Research Fellowship) Program

UEGRF (UNIST Elite Graduate Research Fellowship) Program

UNIST with the aim of becoming one of the leading global universities in science and technology operates UEGRF (UNIST Elite Graduate Research Fellowship) Program which gives graduate students an opportunity to devote themselves to cutting edge fusion study research.


A. selection object 
    : senior undergraduate students , enrolled graduate students

B. the number of selection people
    : approximately 20 a year

C. division
    : School of Mechanical and   Advanced Materials
    : School of Nano-Bioscience & Chemical Engineering
    : School of Urban and Environmental Engineering
    : School of Design and   Human Engineering
    : School of Electrical and  Computer Engineering
    : School of Technology  Management
    : Interdisciplinary School  of Green Energy
    : School of Natural Science

   : 30 million won a year over next three years after applying for a combined master's and

     doctorate program and doctorate program.

E. the documents for submission
    : application form, a letter of self-introduction, research plan, certificate of grade and an 

      certificate of English  

F. reference
    : UNIST UEGRF committee

* Tel: 052-217-1126

* E-mail: sanghyun@unist.ac.kr  

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