2015-04-06 / Admin / 983
[UNIST] Service Open:UNI-CON


we are going to chage the way to notice an event like academic schedule,

  system work schedule and something you need

  to know from SMS to Smart Phone Push Notification.

  please refer to below and install that application.

    1. The way of notice

      - As is: notice by SMS

      - To be: notice by PUSH Service

      ※both in the event of emergency

    2. How to install

      - Access to the URL: http://unicon.unist.ac.kr/app.php

    3. Introduction background

      - Expansion of message capacity and Cost-cutting

      - The name of service: 'UNI-CON'(1st prize in the competition)

    4. Contact:Sung Ahn, ext)1436