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Notification of Interdisciplinary Project 2015 1st semester

1st semester, 2015 Interdisciplinary Project

1. Students who are planning to graduate 2015 1st semester refer to the following schedule and submit the application documents to the school office in person in the designated period   after applying for on-line throughout the second steps.  

2. Detailed schedule per school are referred to the Attachment.

3. For on-line application(Google docs) you must press the “보내기”button on the last page.

   You should click to the “계속>>”(continue) to go to the next page.


[STEP 1]  First application (Only new curriculum); Until March 6(Fri), 2015


[STEP 2]  Second application (Student ID, Name, School and project information survey) on the on-line and submit the application documents to the school office in person: Until September 20(Fri), 2015


(Please fill out the form without any missing and you should get permission from the director in 1st and 2nd Track in advance.)

If you have any inquiry, please contact to your school office(3606) or Educational Affairs Team (1115).


2015 1st semester Interdisciplinary Project Schedule

2015.1.28 School of Life Sciences

All students must follow a schedule as follows. (School of Life Sciences won't accept any products after the deadline.)

 □ For Whom : 

   - All students who register in the course “Interdisciplinary Project” this term.

According to SLS regulation, only students who are senior and planning to graduate in the 1st semester of 2015 can register in this course. (But senior students can prepare the Interdisciplinary project before they register this course such as discussion with the professors for their research subject and product type, etc.)

Also, all students who register in BEN(old), BMS(old) or BME(new),BIO(new) Interdisciplinary Project must attend SLS poster presentation. 

□ Procedure:

    - How to : Students must fill out all information on the Google survey sheet ->Fill out the application form(refer to next two pages) ->  Directors(1st&2nd) assigned ->Get advice from your directors -> Submit the Application and Proposal to the school office with all director's signature 

-          Due date for registration on the Google survey sheet: ~6pm, March 6th(Fri)

-          Due date for Submitting the application for the interdisciplinary project (first & second pages) : ~6pm,  March, 13th(Fri) to Administration Center 2(E202 in Engineering Building-2F)

□ Submission of the products & Poster Presentation

* Students must submit a final poster (PDF file ONLY) by email to Ae Gyeong Kang(aekang@unist.ac.kr) before 6pm on May 28th(Fri), 2015. Students must have a confirmation from their 1st director before submit the file to Administration Center 2.

   - PDF file size: (W*L) 70cm*90cm

* Students must submit a paper(Word File ONLY) like thesis to their Professors & Administrative Center 2(aekang@unist.ac.kr) until 6pm on June 10th(Wed), 2015.

* Poster Presentation Date: June 5(Fri) / Time: 2pm~6pm(TBA)

* Meeting with SLS Professors and Senior Students: After Poster Presentation on June 5(FRI): @EB1-611, 5pm~7pm(TBA)

* Students must submit an evaluation paper with both 1st and 2nd advisor’s signature to Administrative Center 2(aekang@unist.ac.kr) until 6pm on June 17th(Wed), 2015.

If you have any questions, please let me know. (3606, aekang@unist.ac.kr)

**Administration Center-2(E208) is located on 2nd floor between EB1 and EB2.