2015-07-14 / Admin / 1842
Direct conversion of fibroblast into oligodendrocyte progenitor cells


 Prof. Jeong Beom Kim has given the oral presentation at the 16th International Annual Meeting of Korean Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society on May 30th, 2015, entitled “Direct conversion of fibroblast into oligodendrocyte progenitor cells”.

  In this study, his reserch group demonstrates that induced OPCs (iOPCs) can be derived directly from adult mouse fibroblasts by transduction with a single transcription factor through anchorage-independent growth for high-purity. Homogeneous iOPCs show typical small-bipolar morphology, maintain self-renewal capacity and OPC marker expression until passage 31, exhibit high similarity in global gene expression profile compared to wild-type OPCs and give rise to mature oligodendrocytes as well as astrocytes in vitro and in vivo. Notably, transplanted iOPCs contributed to functional recovery of spinal cord injury (SCI) model without tumor formation. This study provides a simple strategy to generate functional self-renewing iOPCs and raises insights for in-depth study of demyelination and regenerative medicine.