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2018 Daewoong Foundation AI(Artificial Intelligence) Based Healthcare Research Grant Program for Master/Ph.D Student

2018 Daewoong Foundation AI(Artificial Intelligence) Based Healthcare               Research Grant Program for Master/Ph.D Student


1.    Grant Summary

a.    Objective

l  To discover Korea’s excellent graduate student thesis/dissertation in the field of Health care. It also aims to reinforce research competence by supporting growth environment for the future researchers with potential.


b.    Participants

l  Graduate students (Masters & PhD) whose graduation thesis/dissertation aims to bridge AI technology and Healthcare.
* International students can also apply
** Only individual applicants are accepted


c.    Field of Research: Healthcare field that uses AI’s big data


l  Research that produces healthy people by using big data to predict and prevent outbreak of disease (Health check-up, Life log etc.)

l  Research that uses patient’s information to yield accurate diagnosis, treatment and after discharge management

l  Research that uses information of a drug to develop New Drug or discover a new effect of a generic drug

l  Research that manages personal health data and ensure safe usage 

(Ex. Research that combines health care and block chain technology)



d.     Grant Scope: Fund to complete thesis

* Includes data analysis mentoring for hospital and government released data if needed







l  Grant Period


Limit of Research Fund

Funding Period


Recommend maximum 20 million won annually
(Can’t exceed 50 million won) 

Must have 1~3 years left to obtain degree


* Will approve budget after evaluating the estimated cost.

** According to the Foundation’s policy, while indirect expenses of the Industrial-Academic

Cooperation Group (산학협력단) can be set within 5%, advisory fees cannot be set


l  Mandatory Conditions

-       (While applying) Signature of Thesis Advisor’s approval of the thesis topic

-       (After selection) Acknowledge of Daewoong Foundation’s support in the final thesis

-       (After selection) Participate in quarterly symposium organized by the foundation




2. Application Process


l  Application period: 2018.10.12. (Fri.) ~ 2018.11.11. (Sun.)

l  Application Method: Upload research proposal to the website


Enter personal

Upload application







l  Address: www.daewoongfoundation.co.kr a Apply(지원신청) a Enter all information and upload documents


l  Application documents

-       University’s application official letter, Thesis plan (includes thesis advisor’s approval signature), Budget, Agreement to use personal information





3. Review Procedure

l  Evaluation process

Requirement Review


Documents Evaluation





Evaluation Committee



Eligibility Review

Proposal Evaluation

Presentation before the expert committee

Final Selection


l  Selection Criteria: Originality, Applicability to the industry in the future, etc.


l  Selection Schedule


Detailed Content

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Deadline to submit research proposal

End of November

 Document evaluation

Middle of December


Beginning of January

Notification of selected individuals

and sign agreement

January, 2019

Undertake research


4. For inquiries: medischolar@daewoongfoundation.or.kr