2017-08-31 / Admin / 1273
Schedule Notice for 2018 Graduate Admission

The admission schedule has been approved in a month advance as usual.

Please read the admission guidelines and keep in mind the schedule before applying.


Schedule for Spring Admission

- Online application: 2017.08.22(Tue), 10:00-09.07(Thu), 18:00

- Submission of documents: 2017.08.22(Tue), 10:00-09.08(Fri.), 18:00

- Announcement for documents screening: 2017.11.16(Thu), 16:00

- Interview: 2017.11.20(Mon)-12:08(Fri)

- Announcement of successful candidates: 2018.1.10(Wed), 10:00

- Registration: 2018.1.10(Wed), 10:00-1.12(금), 16:00


For more  details, please visit the UNIST graduate admission website.