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56 Non-Precious Metal catalysts outperforming Pt-based one by UNIST Research Team Admin 2013.10.14 1159
55 UNIST Grad. Student received an Outstanding Poster Award Admin 2013.10.14 993
54 Caffeine “Traffic Light”: Do you want to know how much caffeine is in your drink? Admin 2013.08.27 1154
53 Global Ph.D Fellowship (Yu-Bin Kim, Young Jin Sa, Bo-Ra Seo, Hochan Lee ) Admin 2013.08.27 1105
52 Eye contact lenses, picture-taking and scanning, possibly, a wearable black box Admin 2013.06.10 1881
51 A Secrete of Neurodegenerative Disease Admin 2013.06.10 1437
50 NRF announced NBC graduate student Jae Yeong Cheon as a recipient of Core Leader fellowship Admin 2013.04.04 1232
49 Development of Light, Flexible yet Ultra-Low Cost Display will be here soon By the Development of New Ambipolar Polymer semiconductors Admin 2013.01.14 1322
48 A new era of effective treatment of bones damaged by fraction and osteoporosis may has opened Admin 2013.01.14 2143
47 Four Undergraduates of NBC Won 3rd Winner Prize in URP Admin 2013.01.10 1228
46 Profs. Bum Suk Zhao and Jang Hyun Choi are announced as the recipients of NRF Excellent Young Investigator Award Admin 2012.12.24 1168
45 The paper, titled “Macrophage migration inhibitory factor mediates antidepressant effect of exercise,” was published on July 23 in the international edition of the journal PNAS. Admin 2012.12.13 1317
44 Global Ph.D Fellowship (엄두승) Admin 2012.12.13 1270
43 Global Ph.D Fellowship (이은광) Admin 2012.12.13 1535
42 Fragile X and Down syndromes share signalling pathway for intellectual disability Admin 2012.11.02 1297
41 Professor Joon Hak Oh, “The development of low-cost and flexible display technology” featured as a cover paper in Advanced Functional Materials Admin 2012.10.16 1126
40 Prof. Bumsuk Zhao, Changwook Lee, Janghyun Choi were awarded "2012 Chung-Am Science Fellowship" Admin 2012.10.15 1114
39 Prof. Sung Kuk Lee was awarded Admin 2012.09.26 1447
38 Glucose-sensitive polymers can deliver insulin Admin 2012.04.02 1962
37 Moongon Jeong (ACE undergraduate student) made the cover page Admin 2012.04.02 1662
36 Prof. Sang Hoon Joo was awarded 2011 ‘Knowledge Creation Award’ Admin 2011.12.13 1579
35 Making a transparent chemical sensor on the bumpy shard of a beetle . The invention of a new technique that compounds a whole electric circuit in one step. Admin 2011.11.25 1384
34 Four Undergraduates Won Silver Medal at 2011 iGEM Competition Admin 2011.10.21 1918
33 Professor Hyug Moo Kwon received two grants from the National Research Foundation - Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) and Mid-career Researcher Projects Admin 2011.09.14 1510
32 Prof. Yoon-Kyoung Cho has been appointed a member of 'Analyst' Advisory Board. Admin 2011.08.10 3206
31 Prof. Yoon-Kyoung Cho is invited to give keynote presentation at the 15th international conference on miniaturized systems for chemistry and life sciences Admin 2011.07.07 1991
30 Pann-Ghill Suh’s Lab Selected as the paper ‘World Top 2% Admin 2011.05.28 2086
29 NRF announced NBC graduate student H.K Park as a recipient of Core Leader fellowship Admin 2011.05.23 1360
28 Global Ph.D Fellowship (유호정) Admin 2011.05.20 1407
27 UNIST best professors teaching Pann-Ghill Suh and other 3, Teacher’s Day won government awards. Admin 2011.05.18 1230
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