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esearches at UNIST Biomedical Engineering track focus on the application of engineering principles to design and manipulate biological systems as well as to analyze and understand biological phenomena contributing to the leading-edge technologies, such as the developments of new biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics, green energy, and bioremediation. "We lead the way in interdisciplinary research and education at the intersection of engineering and the biological sciences to improve health and quality of life and to solve global crises related with energy and the environment. "

Faculty members at UNIST Biomedical Engineering track have very broad research interests and scopes. Specific research interests include Bio-MEMS, Lab-on-a-chip, systems biology, applied and environmental microbiology, synthetic biology, and protein engineering and macromolecular complexes.

In addition to cutting-edge researches on various Biomedical Engineering fields, we offer a number of pertinent courses providing the students with the know-how and practical experience needed, through in-depth discussions and laboratory experiments. Education at UNIST Biomedical Engineering track leads the students to become leading researchers and experts within their area as well as creative leaders for both academia and various biotechnology industries.

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