Engineering discovery and technology for improving human health
  • Pep Pamies(Chief Editor, Nature Biomedical Engineering)
  • SLS Colloquia / 2018. 02. 20.(Tue) 10:40 AM / Room 113, Bldg 103

Launched in January 2017, Nature Biomedical Engineering publishes original research, reviews and commentary of high significance to the biomedical engineering community, including bench scientists interested in devising materials, methods, technologies or therapies to understand or combat disease; engineers designing or optimizing medical devices and procedures; and clinicians leveraging research outputs in biomedical engineering to assess patient health or deliver therapy across a variety of clinical settings and healthcare contexts. In this discussion, the Chief Editor will convey the journal’s role in the broad dissemination of biomedical engineering research, and in particular of biomaterials for biomedicine and tissue engineering.