Identification and characterization of targets of RNA binding proteins
  • Areum Han
  • SLS Colloquia / 06.01.2017. 02:30~ pm / Room 301, Bldg 110

RNA binding proteins are main conductors of gene expression programs. It is crucial to identify and characterize their RNA targets to understand how they regulate transcriptome dynamics and ultimately determine cell fate. I hope to engage a broad audience in open discussion and long-term collaboration, so that at this time, I aim to address broad subject matter rather than very specific topics and to bring you up-to-date on recent efforts being made in this field.



1. Introduction of physical and functional targets of RNA Binding Proteins (RBP).

2. Studies on an oncofetal RBP, LIN28, and its mechanism in mouse development.

2. Brief history of single cell transcriptome profiling and practice on Hematopoietic stem cell studies.

3. Sharing experiences with preliminary efforts studying RNA editing machinery and developing nanobodies for RBP::RNA interaction studies in cancer cells and stem cells.