Gold nanoparticles based biosensors
  • Sang Jun Sim
  • SLS Colloquia / 04.20.2017. 04:00 pm / Room 104, Bldg 110.

Due to the desire to acquire an ameliorated quality of life and the phenomenon of population aging, the healthcare paradigm has been spontaneously shifting from diagnosis and treatment of a disease to prevention of a disease through the awareness of ailment. This has implemented a new lifestyle where individuals has the ability to better take care of themselves. Within these social context, there has been an increase in demand for an innovative healthcare system that involves biosensors which comprises of combined knowledge from the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Biosensor is a crucial factor that holds a key to dramatically improve our healthcare system. The importance of biosensor is supported through the recent increase in the investment and research development of biosensors with the technology from the field of nanotechnology. In order to successfully implant this novel technology, we need to develop a cost-effective biosensor with an ability of expeditious real-time diagnosis and monitoring of disease. In the case of nanobiosensor that uses metal nano-materials like gold and silver nanoparticle meets these standards mentioned above. Moreover, hypersensitive Nanobiosensor technology makes it possible to measure very low concentration of biomolecule, which enables early diagnosis to prevent aggravation of diseases. In this research, new type of Nanobiosensor platform using gold nanoparticle is suggested that is label-free, highly sensitive, quantitative detection possible. The suggested Nanobiosensor platform combines with different forms of gold nanoparticle or microfluidic device, enabling the production of multi scanning system, quantification of various biomaterials, and monitoring diverse biological phenomena.