[BME Colloquium] Microengineered Devices for Cells, Tissues and Organs
  • Nancy L. Allbritton, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University/University of North Carolina)
  • SLS Colloquia / Apr 24h 04:00 pm / EB1-E104

The ability to monitor and manipulate the microenvironment of cells and tissues is one of the most promising applications for microengineered systems. The laboratory is developing a suite of technologies based on microengineered platforms and microfluidics to manipulate and analyze living cells. We have developed simple, inexpensive fabrication methods utilizing photoresists, plastics, and hydrogels for cell-based arrays, organ-on-chips, and tissue scaffolds. The fabricated devices include detachable, deformable, or biodegradable array elements designed for cell analysis and sorting. A second focus area exploits recent advances in mating living cells with microfabricated systems making it possible to create miniaturized devices with organ level function.  These “organ-on-a-chip” platforms enable the controlled establishment of multicellular tissue-like cell populations from pluripotent cells.  The lab is pursuing development and application of these devices to mimic the intestine and bone.