[BME Colloquium] Graphene application towards electronic devices
  • Hyun-Jong Chung, Ph.D. (Konkuk University)
  • SLS Colloquia / Apr 17th 04:00 pm / EB1 E104

Graphene has been attracting many intentions for a post-Si material due to its high mobility. Since its gapless band structure keeps from turning-off the devices in traditional way, until recently, applications for the graphene transistors are limited to analog amplifiers which does not have to be turned off during the operation. In 2012, new device structures have been proposed to solve the issue: graphene barristor [1] and graphene tunneling transistor [2]. Both structures have hetero junction between graphene and semiconductor or insulator. In this talk, the switching mechanism of the graphene barristor or tunneling transistor will be described, and the research towards switching applications will be reviewed.