[BME Colloquium] Light-matter interactions at mesoscopic scales: from nature-inspired lasers to tumor site predication
  • Young L. Kim, Ph.D. (Purdue University)
  • SLS Colloquia / Apr 10th 04:00 pm / EB1 E104

i) The first part of the talk describes our recent work in nature/bio-inspired photonics using sea shells and natural pearls.  As objects of beauty for hundreds of years, these gemstones have vibrant, lustrous, and deep reflections.  We have developed a framework to capitalize on such natural disordered nanomaterials as highly efficient optical resonators for light confinement and amplification.  This biogenic approach can open a new possibility of studying light propagation in complex media, measuring photoluminescence properties, and developing cost-effective photonic devices.

ii) The second part of the talk depicts our ongoing work in optical imaging for cancer prevention research.  To visualize a clinically relevant area, we have developed a mesoscopic imaging technology by exploiting natural and intrinsic properties of biological tissue. We demonstrate that a spatial and temporal analysis of microvascularity reliably predicts specific sites for future tumor development during photocarcinogenesis. By combining with photorejuvenation, our approach could potentially be used to suppress tumorigenesis as a novel cancer prevention strategy