Exploring Fungal Genome Space by Development of Fungal Genome Annotation Pipeline
  • In-Geol Choi Ph.D
  • SLS Colloquia / Nov 8th 04:00pm / bldg 110 room N104

Fungal genome sequencing has been trivial in these days. Genome analysis relies on high quality of gene prediction and annotation. Automatic fungal genome annotation pipeline is imperative for handling of increasing genomic sequencing projects, for example the 1000 fungal genome project. However, building an automatic annotation procedure for eukaryotic genome including fungi is not an easy task. We recently developed FunGAP (Fungal Genome Annotation Pipeline) for precise and accurate prediction of gene models from any fungal genome assembly. To make high-quality gene models, the pipeline employs ab initio, evidence-, and homology-based gene prediction programs. The highlight of FunGAP is to evaluate all predicted gene models by a scoring function. FunGAP is now freely available for non-commercial users at the GitHub site. In the presentation, a glimpse view of fungal genome universe and recent advances in fungal genomics will be discussed along with the development of the FunGAP pipeline.