Neuromodulation strategy for white matter stroke
  • Hyoung-Ihl Kim Ph.D
  • SLS Colloquia / September 6th 04:00 pm / BLDG 110 ROOM N104

Stroke has been a disastrous event to human life and remains the challenging task to be overcome. Previous stroke research has been exclusively focused on the gray matter, which does not comprehensively include the other important components of the brain such as white matter & glia. Especially, white matter stroke has not been studied extensively due to the lack of pertinent animal model. Recently, we created a photothrombotic capsular infarct model and evaluated various neuromodulation strategies. In this talk, the validity and usefulness of this model for the researches of white matter stroke will be presented with detailed characterization of the model. Next, we evaluated the effect of daily reach training and electrical cortical stimulation in sensory-parietal cortex in enhancing the neurological recovery using behavioral and microPET studies. We also used optogenetic techniques to delineate which cells or which neural circuits are involved in the motor recovery following capsular infarct. Based on these studies, we propose feasible strategy of neuromodulation techniques to augment the recovery of stroke disability.