New TRAIP-binding protein, NTBP, is involved in the DNA damage response pathways
  • Hongtae Kim Ph.D
  • SLS Colloquia / April 5th 04:00 pm / BLDG 110 / ROOM N104

The TRAF-interacting protein (TRAIP) has been known as a key molecule in DNA damage response through its binding partners. Here we identify a ZNF as a TRAIP binding protein. ZNF colocalizes with TRAIP to the DNA damage sites. We also demonstrated that foci formation of RAD51 and RPA2 was reduced in ZNF-depleted HeLa cells. Furthermore cell death caused by the DNA damaging agent was increased in ZNF-depleted HeLa cells. So, our data demonstrates that the new TRAIP binding partner, ZNF, controls the localization of TRAIP to the DNA damage site, resulting in an increase in DNA damage response pathways and repair efficiency.