Photo-thermal neural interface technology for neuromodulation
  • Yoonkey Nam Ph.D
  • SLS Colloquia / 2018.03.22.(Thu) 04:00 pm / Room N104 Bldg 110

Optical stimulation technology has become an attractive neuromodulation technique as it has potential benefit to provide high spatio-temporal resolution in controlling individual neurons. In addition, cell targeting is also possible by optogentics or functionalized nanoparticles. In this presentation, I will introduce a novel neural interface technology based on plasmonic nanoparticles that can deliver thermal energy to individual neurons using near-infrared lights. Utilizing the photothermal effect, we discovered that individual action potentials can be reversibly suppressed partially or completely. The neural suppression platform could be implanted by various functional materials and fabrication techniques. I will also show a hybrid electro-optical interface chip fabricated by surface modification and ink-jet printing technique. This new interface opens a chance for neuroscientists and engineers to modulate brain activity without genetic modification.