Title / Speaker Time / Place
Fluidic channel integrated resonators via traditional microfabrication and unconventional fabrication
Jungchul Lee Ph.D
May 30th 04:00pm
BLDG.110 Room N104
Tuberculosis disease propagation and implications for drug discovery
Vincent Delorme Ph.D
May 9th 04:00 pm
bldg.110 room N104
The Future Technology in Biomedical Informatics
Jinwook Choi Ph.D
March 28th 04:00 pm
Bldg.110 Room N104
Pluripotent Stem Cells into Somatic Cells(New source for hematopoietic lineage)
Jong-Hee Lee Ph.D
March 21st 04L00 pm
Bldg.110 Room N104
Microfluidic system for investigation of cancer cell metastasis
Jessie S. Jeon Ph.D
March 14th 04:00 pm
Bldg.110 Room N104
Reduction of microRNA targeting Drd2 leads to thalamocortical dysfunction in schizophrenia mouse models
Ph.D Sungkun Chun
March 7th 04:00 pm
Bldg. 110 Room N104
Nanocarbon-integrated compact ultrafast solid-state lasers
prof. Fabian Rotermund
Dec 6th 04:00 pm
BLDG.110 ROOM N104
Image-guided Local Drug Delivery with Nanoparticles
Wooram Park Ph.D
Nov 29th (Thu) 4PM
Metabolic stress promotes NLRP3 inflammasome activation
Jong-Seok Moon Ph.D.
Nov 22th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Biophysics of molecule-to-molecule and cell-to-cell communications
Jong-Bong Lee Ph.D
Nov 15th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Exploring Fungal Genome Space by Development of Fungal Genome Annotation Pipeline
In-Geol Choi Ph.D
Nov 8th 04:00pm
bldg 110 room N104
Dynamic Coordination of Mitochondrial Structure and Function
Woong Sun Ph.D
Nov 1st 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 Room N104
Neuropeptide Modulation that Switches the Mating Decision of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster Female
Young-Joon Kim Ph.D
Oct 25th 04:00
BLDG.110 ROOM N104
Molecular evolution and network analyses to understand the genotype-phenotype relationship of human diseases
Sanguk Kim Ph.D
Oct 11th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Unleashing the Developmental Potential of induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Hans R. Scholer Ph.D
Oct 4th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Critical role of reactive astrocytes in neurodegenerative diseases
C. Justin Lee Ph.D
Sep 27th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Inertial microfluidics for single-cell studies and bio-manufacturing
Aram Chung Ph.D
Sep 20th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Traffic jam at the synapse: the defects in the clearance of transmitter release sites
Sunghoe Chang Ph.D.
Sep 13th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Neuromodulation strategy for white matter stroke
Hyoung-Ihl Kim Ph.D
September 6th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Reprogramming of the Immune System by Rationally Selected Probiotics
Sin-Hyeog Im Ph.D
June 7th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 Room N104
Optical Technologies for Medicine and Biology(From Optical Bench to Bedside)
Beop-Min Kim Ph.D
May 31th 04:00 pm
Smart Nano-surfaces for Biosensor and Biomedical Applications
Jungmok Seo Ph.D
May 24th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Single-molecule FRET studies on SF2 helicases
Sungchul Hohng Ph.D
May 17th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Neurobiological mechanisms underlying autism spectrum disorders (ASDs)
Eunjoon Kim Ph.D
May10th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 / ROOM N104
Cells and Forces: Development of Cell-Based Disease Models
Jennifer Hyunjong Shin Ph.D
May 3rd 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Dysregulation of Fat Tissue and Immune Response in Obesity
Jae Bum Kim Ph.D
April 26th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 / ROOM N104
Affordance Microfluidics
Sungyoung Choi Ph.D
April 12th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
New TRAIP-binding protein, NTBP, is involved in the DNA damage response pathways
Hongtae Kim Ph.D
April 5th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 / ROOM N104
3-Dimensional understanding of BRCA2-deficient cancers: BRCA2 at the kinetochore and at the telomeres
Hyunsook Lee Ph.D
2018.03.29.(Thu) 04:00 pm
Room N104, Bldg 110
Photo-thermal neural interface technology for neuromodulation
Yoonkey Nam Ph.D
2018.03.22.(Thu) 04:00 pm
Room N104 Bldg 110
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