Title / Speaker Time / Place
Leveraging the Biological Transport to Improve Cancer Nanomedicine
Ji-Ho Park Ph.D
Dec 5th 04:00pm
bldg.110 room N104
Uncovering roles of circadian rhythms in the gastrointestinal system using organoids
Christian Hong Ph.D
Nov 28th 04:00pm
bldg.110 room N104
Role of Nonconventional Immunosuppressive cells in renal Ischemia-Reperfusion injury
Jaeseok Yang Ph.D
Nov 21st 04:00pm
bldg.110 room N104
Current insights on therapeutic and diagnostic approaches based on molecular pathogenesis for Alzheimer’s disease
Inhee Mook Ph.D
Nov 7th 04:00pm
bldg.110 room N104
Freedom from finger pricking: continuous glucose monitoring
Yun Jung Heo Ph.D
Oct 31st 04:00pm
bldg.110 room N104
Enhancing Cancer Immunotherapy using Biomaterials
Chun Gwon Park Ph.D
Oct 17th 04:00pm
bldg.110 room N104
Dynamic coordination of two-metal-ions & chemo-mechanical catalysis by an exonuclease
Gwangrog Lee Ph.D
Sep 26th 4pm
bldg.110 room N104
Development of therapeutic genome editing
Seokjoong Kim Ph.D
Sep 19th 4pm
bldg.110 room N104
Fluidic channel integrated resonators via traditional microfabrication and unconventional fabrication
Jungchul Lee Ph.D
May 30th 04:00pm
BLDG.110 Room N104
Tuberculosis disease propagation and implications for drug discovery
Vincent Delorme Ph.D
May 9th 04:00 pm
bldg.110 room N104
The Future Technology in Biomedical Informatics
Jinwook Choi Ph.D
March 28th 04:00 pm
Bldg.110 Room N104
Pluripotent Stem Cells into Somatic Cells(New source for hematopoietic lineage)
Jong-Hee Lee Ph.D
March 21st 04L00 pm
Bldg.110 Room N104
Microfluidic system for investigation of cancer cell metastasis
Jessie S. Jeon Ph.D
March 14th 04:00 pm
Bldg.110 Room N104
Reduction of microRNA targeting Drd2 leads to thalamocortical dysfunction in schizophrenia mouse models
Ph.D Sungkun Chun
March 7th 04:00 pm
Bldg. 110 Room N104
Nanocarbon-integrated compact ultrafast solid-state lasers
prof. Fabian Rotermund
Dec 6th 04:00 pm
BLDG.110 ROOM N104
Image-guided Local Drug Delivery with Nanoparticles
Wooram Park Ph.D
Nov 29th (Thu) 4PM
Metabolic stress promotes NLRP3 inflammasome activation
Jong-Seok Moon Ph.D.
Nov 22th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Biophysics of molecule-to-molecule and cell-to-cell communications
Jong-Bong Lee Ph.D
Nov 15th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Exploring Fungal Genome Space by Development of Fungal Genome Annotation Pipeline
In-Geol Choi Ph.D
Nov 8th 04:00pm
bldg 110 room N104
Dynamic Coordination of Mitochondrial Structure and Function
Woong Sun Ph.D
Nov 1st 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 Room N104
Neuropeptide Modulation that Switches the Mating Decision of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster Female
Young-Joon Kim Ph.D
Oct 25th 04:00
BLDG.110 ROOM N104
Molecular evolution and network analyses to understand the genotype-phenotype relationship of human diseases
Sanguk Kim Ph.D
Oct 11th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Unleashing the Developmental Potential of induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Hans R. Scholer Ph.D
Oct 4th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Critical role of reactive astrocytes in neurodegenerative diseases
C. Justin Lee Ph.D
Sep 27th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Inertial microfluidics for single-cell studies and bio-manufacturing
Aram Chung Ph.D
Sep 20th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Traffic jam at the synapse: the defects in the clearance of transmitter release sites
Sunghoe Chang Ph.D.
Sep 13th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Neuromodulation strategy for white matter stroke
Hyoung-Ihl Kim Ph.D
September 6th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
Reprogramming of the Immune System by Rationally Selected Probiotics
Sin-Hyeog Im Ph.D
June 7th 04:00 pm
BLDG 110 Room N104
Optical Technologies for Medicine and Biology(From Optical Bench to Bedside)
Beop-Min Kim Ph.D
May 31th 04:00 pm
Smart Nano-surfaces for Biosensor and Biomedical Applications
Jungmok Seo Ph.D
May 24th 04:00pm
BLDG 110 ROOM N104
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