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[BIO Colloquium] Rebound synchronization commands Parkinsonian motor disorders
Daesoo Kim, Ph.D. (KAIST)
Nov 11th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Therapeutic Applications of Photothermal Interactions
Hyun Wook Kang, Ph.D. (Pukyong National University)
Nov 6th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] The role of hypothalamic non-neuronal cells in the regulation of energy homeostasis
Jae Geun Kim, Ph.D. (Incheon National University)
Nov 4th 04:00pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium]Optical multimodal imaging for the visualization of tissue microenvironments
Ki Hean Kim, Ph.D. (POSTECH)
Oct 30th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] Discovery of a novel vaccine candidate for Staphylococcus aureus infection
Bok Leul Lee, Ph.D. (College of Pharmacy, Pusan National University)
Oct 28th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BIO Colloquium] Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer
Young Chan Chae, Ph.D.(The Wistar Institute, USA)
Oct 21th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] High-throughput DNA synthesis for synthetic biology applications
Duhee Bang, Ph.D. (Yonsei University)
Oct. 16th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] Watching Single Endogenous mRNA in Neurons in vivo
Hye Yoon Park, Ph.D. (Seoul National University)
Oct 7th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Hyperlipidemia Disrups Cerebrovascular Reflexes and Worsens Ischemic Stroke Outcome
Hwa Kyoung Shin Ph.D. (Pusan National University)
Oct 2nd 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] Motor Neuron Gene Regulatory Network and Cholinergic Neurotransmitter Programming
Seunghee Lee, Ph.D. (Seoul National University)
Sep 30th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Genomic profile analysis of diffuse-type gastric cancers
Jong Bhak, Ph.D. (UNIST)
Sep 25th 04:00pm
EB1 E104
[BME Colloquium] Genome Editing in Cultured Cells and Whole Organisms with Programmable Nucleases
Jin-Soo Kim, Ph.D. (Seoul National University)
Sep 18th 2014 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BME Colloquium] Molecular Inflammation as the Underlying Mechanism for the Aging and age-related diseases and Its Intervention
Hae Young Chung, Ph.D.(Pusan National University)
Sep 11th, 2014 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BME Colloquium] Structural identification and immunomodulatory actions of novel symbiotic factors from commensal gut microbe Bacteroides fragilis
Sungwhan F. Oh, Ph.D(Harvard Medical School)
Sep 4th, 2014 04:00pm
EB1 E104
[BME Colloquium] Photodynamic Theraphy in Patient with Lung Cancer
Chul Ho Oak, M.D., Ph.D. (Kosin University)
May 29th 04:00pm
EB1 E104
[BME Colloquium] Listening to shiny body: In vivo photoacoustic tomography
Chulhong Kim, Ph.D. (POSTECH)
May 22th 04:00pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] A role of MST1 in neurodegeneration
Eui-Ju Choi, Ph.D. (Korea University)
May 20th 04:00pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Translational Researches from Lab to Hospital :Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Test & High Throughput DNA Synthesis
SungHoon Kwon, Ph.D.(Seoul National University)
May 15th 04:00pm
[BIO Colloquium] Manipulation of memory by activating neurons with increased CREB in mice
Jin-Hee Han, Ph.D. (KAIST)
May 13th 04:00pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium]Applications of Fluorescence Imaging: From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Jong Jin Kim, Ph.D. (Korea University)
May 8th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] Chromosome instability and cancer
Hyunsook Lee, Ph.D. (Seoul National University)
Apr 29th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Microengineered Devices for Cells, Tissues and Organs
Nancy L. Allbritton, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University/University of North Carolina)
Apr 24h 04:00 pm
[BIO Colloquium] Functional regulation of APE1/Ref-1 in Vascular Inflammation
Byeong Hwa Jeon, Ph.D. (Chungnam National University)
Apr 22th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Graphene application towards electronic devices
Hyun-Jong Chung, Ph.D. (Konkuk University)
Apr 17th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium] Novel Role of AMP-activated Protein Kinase under Genotoxic Stress
Joo Hun Ha, Ph.D.(Kyung Hee University)
Apr 15th 04:00pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium] Light-matter interactions at mesoscopic scales: from nature-inspired lasers to tumor site predication
Young L. Kim, Ph.D. (Purdue University)
Apr 10th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
[BIO Colloquium]Niches for the development of memory CD8 T cells in response to acute viral infections
Yong Woo Jung, Ph.D.(Korea University)
Apr 8th 04:00 pm
AMRB 113
[BIO Colloquium] Orphan Nuclear Receptor ERRgamma and Liver Metabolic Disease
Hueng-Sik Choi, Ph.D.(Cheonnam National University)
Apr 9th 04:00pm
AMRB 113
[BME Colloquium]Biophotonic in vivo reading and writing technologies with animal models of brain disease
Euiheon chung,Ph.D. (GIST)
April 3rd 04:00pm
EB1 E104
[BME Colloquium] Wide-Field Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy
DaeKeun Kim, Ph.D(Dankook University)
Mar 27th 04:00 pm
EB1 E104
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