SLS offers a stimulating research environment and world-class facilities for our graduate students in the area of biological science and biomedical engineering. Our mission is to educate world-leading scientists who excel in their research and leadership skills and to enable them to succeed both in academia and industry. UNIST and SLS are committed to build our graduate program to be the best in nation and to be among the top world-leading institutions in life sciences.

Graduate courses and research topics covers all field of biology, biological sciences, chemistry, polymer science, nanoscience and chemical engineering. Graduate students, once enrolled, will conduct original research projects in research groups. SLS currently has 22 full time faculty members and will be expanded to 40 world-leading scientists by 2015. A complete list of our faculty members and their research groups can be found. A complete list of our faculty members and their research groups can be found from here.

Research programs in SLS can be broadly categorized into two areas: Biological Sciences, Bioengineering. For a brief description about these topics, see our research section.

General Degree Information
SLS offers Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs as well as a joint MSc-PhD program for applicants holding Bachelor's degree in science and engineering. Most students finish their MS program in two years and the PhD program in 4 years. The MSc-PhD program generally takes 4-5 years to finish.

All students admitted are required to conduct research projects under the a supervision of at least one faculty member of SLS. Students can choose their supervisor when they are accepted by the school. For more information, see our admission page.

However, opportunities exist for the students to participate in research and to develop connections within SLS while they are still attending undergraduate school. For more information, please see the U-SURF/U-WURF page.

First-year graduate students will have to pass at least two core courses of their choice with a grade of A or higher to proceed in their graduate study. Students also have to take other courses to fulfill their course work. The list of core and non-core courses can be found here.

Students also have to participate in teaching programs as a teaching assistants - MS students for at least one semester and PhD students for at least two semesters. Students also have to demonstrate their language proficiency in English. At the time of graduation, a minimum of 800 on the TOEIC or an equivalent is needed.

International students coming from English-speaking countries already fulfill this requirement while those coming from countries where English is not the native language need to pass this requirement before being considered for admission.

Finally, MS students within SLS will have to write a thesis based on their research during their two years of study. In addition to the dissertation, PhD students are required to publish their research results in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals during their stay.