elcome to the school of life sciences at UNIST. The primary mission of our school is to establish world-leading research groups and nourish world class scientists and engineers in the interdisciplinary areas of biological sciences and biomedical engineering. The goal of the discipline is to advance the fundamental understanding of biological systems and to translate into innovative solutions for novel materials, devices, and processes in order to provide paradigm-shifting solution for human health.
"World-leading research groups in the interdisciplinary areas of Life Sciences" School of life science at UNIST provide world class education for fundamental knowledge as well as hands-on experiments to prepare the best young students in both undergraduate and graduate program to be the global leaders in biological sciences and biomedical engineering. Students in our school have excellent opportunity to participate undergraduate research programs both on campus as well as partner groups abroad such as UC-Irvine, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill etc.  The examples of the industry that UNIST graduates in school of life sciences would create high-impact value include biotechnology, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices etc. 

The excellent infrastructures such as UNIST OLYMPUS Biomed Imaging Center(UOBC), and In-vivo Research Center, Nano Fabrication Center, and Hans Schöer Stem Cell Research Center support the world-leading research and education. The faculties of the school of life sciences have been already very successful in recruiting highly competitive national grants for group research; the World Class University (WCU) in 2009, the prestigious Science Research Center (SRC) for cell to cell communication in cancer(C5)in 2010, and Basic Research Lab (BRL) in 2012. Recently, in 2013, both tracks of biological sciences and biomedical engineering secured two BK21 Plus program which can provide prestigious scholarships as well as international collaboration opportunities for outstanding graduate students.

I encourage you to learn more about School of life sciences at UNIST and be part of the team to make your dream come true.
Kwon, Hyug Moo. Chair of Nano-Bioscience and Chemical Engineering. Kwon, Hyug Moo Chair of 'School of Life Sciences'