SLS Central Research Facilities
Instruments are categorized by two main research division; Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering. SLS is constantly expanding its list of facilities.

Ultra centrifuge, Moflo XDP Ultra Workflow system (FACS, Sorting), High speed/throughput Real Time PCR System, Film developer, ELISPOT reader, Gel documentation system, In-vivo electroporator, Ice maker, Solid phase extraction system, Table top reseach anesthesia system, Biomolecule purification system, UV/VIS Spectrophotometry system (Nano drop), Gas Chromatograph System, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph System, DNA Thermarcycler (PCR), Image Analysis System (Gel doc), Digita Fuzzy-Controlled Autoclaves-steam Sterilizer(Autoclave), SPR Analysis System, Concentrator, Bioanalyzer, 3-D Modeling machine, etc
SLS equips
a School Research Facilities that are essential for supporting diverse researches being pursued
in SLS.
Stem Cell Research Center Stem Cell Research Center Established in Aug. 2010, The Hans Schoeler Stem Cell Research Center will be a world-leading research institution in stem cell research. The Center is currently housed in the main building of SLS, and the construction work is currently underwent for 3-story new building for stem cell research and animal testing facility.
UNIST Central Research Facilities Center (UCRF) UNIST Central Research Facilities Center (UCRF) The UCRF possesses facilities fundamental to academic researches including Analysis Lab., Clean room, Machine shop, Environmental analysis Lab. and Biomed imaging Lab.
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